Kara Cox


Jeffrey Blair

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Our Story

She's from Virginia, he's from Arizona. They met in Chicago and fell in love.

March 3rd, 2017.
I had just finished up a shift at Weiss Memorial Hospital and hurried home to change and meet friends at a party in Gold Coast. I took the elevator up to the 21st floor and walked in to a boisterous party and was greeted warmly by my girlfriends and introduced, at large, to the group of 10 or so adults. As I scanned the room, I saw a handsome blonde man, with a great head of hair, discreetly nudge his friend in the ribs and point at me.
I played it cool and turned around to hug a friend.
A few minutes pass and here enters Jeffrey Garrett Blair, who walks up to me with a twinkle in his eyes and proceeds to use a strong introduction line of "you seem interesting, tell me about yourself".
Somehow it worked. Conversations came easy and we spent the rest of the evening out on the town with our friends, catching eyes and smiling at each other.
At the end of the night Jeff hands me his cell phone and tells me "we should definitely exchange information". I paused, hesitating to type it into his phone, making sure he saw me debating it on my face (knowing full well that I couldn't wait to give him my number). A few weeks go by and after a few text conversations and harmless internet stalking completed on my end, we went on our first date.
And I've been crazy about this man ever since.